Hey there, you. Yeah, you right there, looking at my portfolio site right this instant. If you want to contact me, email me at:

Quick Blurb: Currently designs more for the web than print, but would like to change that • Envisions one day being part of a [creative] team that kicks ass and cause terror • Hopes to work on projects that kick-ass and cause [thought-provoking] terror • Bicycling through traffic is thrilling • Karaoke is stress-relieving • Clever arrangement of spatial shapes on a canvas, in black & white, is great • Ink on textured paper is interesting.

About this site: Built upon Zurb's Foundation, with jquery scripts out the ying yang. I want to thank front-end developer, Michael Marakov, for figuring out all the javascript and animations and putting the structure of this website together. This is the fourth iteration of my online portfolio.

I'm also lurking on Flickr, Behanced, and DeviantArt, so catch me if you can.

Hey there, fellow internet user. I'm Johnson, and I'm a graphic & web designer located in San Francisco. This is an online showcase of my portfolio. Since you're already here, check it out. Hey there, fellow internet user. I'm Johnson, and I'm a graphic & web designer located in San Francisco. This is an abbreviated version of my portfolio for mobile.


O3 Bistro & Lounge

Restaurant & Bar

This asian fusion bistro next to the San Francisco City Hall wanted to leverage it's prime location towards politicians & symphony goers without putting off young professionals. Working off the interior designer's decor plans, typeface and colors were chosen to compliment the inside, as were the creations of the menus and logo.

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Eco-Product E-Commerce

Blissmo.com is an online service whose goal is to help consumers discover sustainable and eco-friendly products. With a logo already on hand, they needed a brand identity that conveys friendliness while maintaining a pro-fessional service. Print & web collateral was created, as well as website, implementation of colors & typefaces and product photos were taken.

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Gym Management System

Fitsoft.com is a web management system for small to big gyms/facility operations in the fitness industry. Aside from also aiming to be the go-to search directory for fitness consumers, their ambitious strategies have since created a bunch of web content and backend system that needs a flexible identity to bring it all together.

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Inked Studios

Online User Art Gallery

Inkedstudios.com aims to build an online art community while promoting up-and-coming artists, particularly those of urban & street art. With the ability for artist to create their own galleries and have viewers collect or share them, a easy-to-follow interface that's approachable and flexible is key in the early stages of the site.

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Startup Story

Interviews of Silicon Valley Startups

A small Russian collective who interviews the tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. They wanted to revamp their site's UI to emphasize snippets of the video interviews, as oppose to viewing the whole video at once. With that in mind, an website with a interface that the viewer will want to keep clicking on over and over was the focus.

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1  outside signage: 400 led lightbox, steel/alumnium metal, laser cut, black acrylic

2  sketches after chosen direction

3  three main variations, went with the left one

4  final logo with two different ways to apply it

5  O3 business cards, gift certificate and a few menus

6  bonus pic: photo-retouched and manipulated a rectangle buddha image into a square-ish frame with as less cropping as possible. Many variations and time spent. 5 x 6 feet.

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O3 Bistro & Lounge

print design   /   brand identity

Inked Studios

web   /   UI   /   brand identity