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Quick Blurb: Currently designs more for the web than print, but would like to change that • Envisions one day being part of a [creative] team that kicks ass and cause terror • Hopes to work on projects that kick-ass and cause [thought-provoking] terror • Bicycling through traffic is thrilling • Karaoke is stress-relieving • Clever arrangement of spatial shapes on a canvas, in black & white, is great • Ink on textured paper is interesting.

About this site: Built upon Zurb's Foundation, with jquery scripts out the ying yang. I want to thank front-end developer, Michael Marakov, for figuring out all the javascript and animations and putting the structure of this website together. This is the fourth iteration of my online portfolio.

I'm also lurking on Flickr, Behanced, and DeviantArt, so catch me if you can.

Second part of my showcase; don't think of it as the ignored middle child. In most these projects, I had full creative freedom to the process. Think of it as projects I like to do on my spare time.

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concept map   /   print design

In this assignment, a infographic was created to give the uninformed a brief and general overview in regards to sustainability in homes/architecture. Information hierarchy is differenced with font sizes, font weights, colors, and straight & dotted lines. 11 x 17 inches.

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Who Dat Abe?


Abraham Lincoln: the sixteenth president of the United States of America. Not only is he one of the most important presidents, but is also one of the most popular presidents of all time. Being such a recognizable person with his signature top hat and beard, what would Abe look like if today's popular culture paid homage to him? A2 size.

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print   /   layout

Annual letter-sized publication for the campus's advertising club. Black and white on the inside pages, color on the cover. 20 total pages from cover to cover. Subject of this issue was about branding in the new century. Besides the imagery on the cover, the other challenge was to make the text visually dynamic with the limited images and images of quality. 8½ x 11 inches.

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Aslan bikes

▱ Project Discontinued ▱

In the midst of the fixed gear/singlespeed bike trend at the end of the decade, entrepreneurs were ready to jump onto the bandwagon and make some profit. With that said, I had the opportunity to create a headbadge/ logo for some clients that were thinking of jumping into the fray.

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Various Posters

print design

Ink on big paper = poster; in my opinion, the most satisfying way to deliver information to the general public, regardless of their associations, beliefs, or ethics. Like its cousins: book covers and beer & wine bottles labels, there are no rules to the canvas, other than to convey the target message.

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