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What began as a daily-deal site for sustainable products & foods extended itself to a monthly subscription box of eco-friendly goods. That's when I came in—to create and maintain a Blissmo brand identity from print to digital, website to packaging. Along the way, new products/services were explored. As the main designer, I had to see through the conception to final mockups (coding was handle elsewhere).

Brand Identity

If the current audience is made mostly of young mothers across the country, how do you position a identity for a wider target audience without alienating your current one? For blissmo to be seen as "fresh," visual elements that evoke the feeling of "vibrancy" is key.

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This box of sustainable & eco-friendly products/foods arrived monthly to people's doors. The fun about the blissmobox is that the receiver do not know what they are going to receive, but try the blissmo team to deliver trustworthy eco-friendly goods once a month.

blissmobox Website

Although the element of surprise is what receiving the blissmobox is all about, showing nice photos of previous boxes is better at conveying to the people what a blissmobox can contain if they were to subscribe monthly.


As a one-man camera crew on a budget, taking advantage of the things I had to work with was key. Studio shots would've been nice, but actual environment shots are even better. Most photos taken outdoor around San Francisco's downtown area.

More images in the photo section of my portfolio.

Blissmobox Inserts

You get a blissmobox, but what exactly are these products? Small flyers are inserted into each blissmobox to give a brief explanation on how these products are sustainable, as well as a brief letter from that month's box curator.

Note: Text and copy on the inserts, courtesy of the blissmo copywriter.

Blissmobox Package Design

Receiving the blissmobox at your doorstep should feel like getting a monthly present. I kept that in mind when designing the box's graphics; Keeping it minimal, but also as elegant as possible within the restriction of one color on a brown cardboard box.

Note: If I recall correctly, 1000+ boxes were shipped to customers every month


The idea of the blissmobox later extended to the idea of getting healthier snacks to offices. Why stock your office's snack drawer with fried potato chips when there are better options? That's when the blissmobreak, also known as Breakbox, was created. Like the blissmobox the Breakbox uses a monthly-subscription model, but with less of the surprise element.

Bigger quantity than the blissmobox, as well as pricing

Print Insert / Placed inside the Blissmobreak box

Blissmo Marketplace

An idea that did not come to fruition (yet) was the blissmo marketplace. To go from daily deals, to a monthly subscription model, the next step would be an full e-commerce. An idea similar to fab dot com, the blissmo market would contain timed and discounted deals on eco-friendly products and foods.

Prototype HTML/CSS Pages

Not having a front-end developer at the company, I had some opportunities to prototype my own designs. Created mostly in early 2012, these designs experimented with jquery plugins and css3. It was not until mid-2012 that I started using responsive layouts. Clicking an image brings you to the html webpage (layout might break in some browsers).


I believe that a good brand identity let's the mediums mold the brand, as oppose to forcing a circle-shaped identity into a square-pegged medium. The path I've laid here works in portraying a sense of friendly professionalism without falling into cliches of what eco-friendly branding should be (i.e. the color green and the overused leaf shape). The brand's web and print designs are flexible enough to encompass a good variety of future blissmo projects. Or at least until there is refined target demographic via research & data. In that case, the branding strategy and identity will need some revisions.

Fitsoft Brand Identity

Continued Thoughts

What do I mean by vibrancy? I want Blissmo to move. I want it to feel energetic. I want it to feel like a brand that came in this new era of web design.

Color  Color is important to any visual medium, but I find it even more important than the bradmark (logo) when it comes to modern design (web or otherwise). The main color for blissmo, before I came on board, was a ocean blue hue. That is great, but to one up it so that there will be more versatility in feature visual projects, a orange color was added as a complementary color (ummm, pun intended?).

Logo  The logo was created before I joined the team. It works fine, though a bit generic. In my design beliefs, I never put much weight on logos when it comes to creating a brand identity. As long as it is not terrible, the brand identity can still be established around it.

Typefaces  Good ol' Helvetica. Always a good, safe starting point for designers and non-designers alike. Since that was already in use, and everyone at the startup had it, I decided to keep it. As I worked at blissmo longer, I added secondary web font, Arvo, to the branding. A modern slab serif, it brought a more energetic and friendlier feel to the text.

Imagery  I'm a believer that if you have the advantage to use beautiful photos and graphics, use them. I leveraged the "bloom" icon in the logo as a sort of emblem/stamp. I then also grouped and positioned a bunch of the blissmo blooms together as a reoccuring graphical element to help support call-to-attention elements on the web products. As for photos, I created my own.